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The Giant Tusker of Minneria Reservoir


The Giant Tusker of Minneria Reservoir

Minneria National park is a world famous place to see large elephant gatherings around the tank. It is one of the most spectacular scenes you will ever see. Large groups of 200- 300 elephants gather around the reservoir at sometimes. At times of drought, the Minneria reservoir water level reaches the tank bed revealing the bed and allowing the dried out parts to grow grass that becomes the playground for these elephants in large herds. Some of the tuskers in the area use their tusks to dig in to find water for their survival and also to help other small animals drink water from the holes dug by them.

The Giant Tusker of Minneria Resrvoir

For our story, the wildlife team is here to check on a rare tusker in the area that is highly protected and well taken care of concerning health issues. This tusker is a very aggressive, fast and active that has easily avoided wildlife teams for hours.

Large tuskers and male elephants generally roam alone. This giant met a large herd as it ran away from the vet officers. As these wildlife officers managed to shoot a tranquilizer round at the giant tusker, the tusker became very angry and again ran from the wildlife officers towards the herd in an aggressive manner. The giant tusker then was seen knocking down another adult elephant in the group almost stabbing the trunk of the other one.

Wildlife officers kept going after this giant tusker, as it is critical to keep them safe and healthy after medications. Handling these strong giants is some serious work and would get an expert self to fall in front of these giants.

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