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Sri Lankan Sambar Deer Rescue and Treatments


Sri Lankan Sambar Deer Rescue and Treatments

Wildlife officers responded to a duty call where they had to treat an injured Sri Lankan sambar deer with several wounds and a bucket stuck over its head. It is a difficult task to move closer towards the deer where you will get a chance to remove the bucket safely. Even the expert wildlife officers used caution when they were that close to the Sambar deer.

Sri Lankan Sambar Deer Rescue and Treatments – The deer finally settled slowly after running away from the officers who wanted to save it. The Sambar deer is also wounded and requires immediate medical attention to its wounds.

Officers kindly treated its wounds by spraying over its wounds and damaged antlers, they also vaccinated the deer and kept a lookout. The kind doctor even held the saline bottle while this innocent animal had its free will to walk around the area they kept him for treatments. The deer will be taken back and released to the wild after all the treatments are made to ensure its recovery and fitness.

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