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Young elephant thinks twice about having fun again


Young elephant thinks twice about having fun again

We met this young and adorable Jumbo, miles outside the preserved jungle areas kept for them.  This young elephant being adventurous as usual wanted to leave out of curiosity towards the world of humans. Villagers already gathered around even before any of the authorities came to the rescue. We can only see an elephant acting like a submarine funnily.

Young elephant thinks twice about having fun again-The surprisingly calm young elephant might have had similar experiences before regarding similar situations. He kept quiet till villagers could cut open a path out from the well used for farmlands around the area. Due to very limited resourced and support in such remote parts of the island, people could only use their farming equipment to carve a path out from the well.

As soon s the path was climbable for the elephant, people let the young one climb a little on its own. Later everyone gathered around with a small rope to support its efforts on climbing out from the well. Suprised of this rescue, the young elephant kept calm staying still being confused about what it wants to do. We assume that it wants to jump back to the well and act like a submarine so people would come to save him again.

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