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Wild Elephant Video

WILD ELEPHANT VIDEO is a website that rich with good-quality videos of Elephants and their habitats.
We share unique, dramatic, funny and exciting encounters about elephants and saving them.

We also share articles related to animals in general that will help you to know the Asian elephant more and its friends better. We have more to join “THE WILD ELEPHANT” family in the future.

Wild Elephant Video is your favorite family website about Asian Elephants. We make documentaries about saving wild elephants from conflicted areas, traps, accidents and other natural causes. The Asian Elephant is listed as Endangered by the IUCN and it’s our goal to spread awareness about saving them.

We work to deliver documentaries from Sri Lanka where are elephants found in large herds.  We want to share with everyone about the answer to the question ‘ Are elephants friendly?”. Yes! They are very friendly even when they are the largest land animal in the world. Asian elephants are well known for their majestic behavior. We focus towards many baby elephants in the country who are currently being protected by wildlife authorities in areas conserved for elephant protection and well being. We all invite you to enjoy your stay at Wild Elephant Video.

Our videos are copyright protected, If you are an independent artist, organization or a private company who would like to use our video for any purposes,  do not hesitate to contact us.