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What they did to save this elephant is amazing. They destroyed a well, made with their poor money


Can you ever imagine living in a village that is far away from the cities and in a farming area with a lot of wells that are used for irrigation and water supply? Then one morning you walk to that well to see an elephant in your little well?

This happened in a rural village in Sri Lanka towards the southern part of the country. The villagers who initially spotted this elephant with the loud noises it made as it fell down. This elephant has wandered alone out from its natural habitat for a long distance. These elephants naturally are adventurous and move to stranger territories more often than any other animal. This elephant fell down as it was curious about the new water source for sure.

Concerned villagers knew that they need more help from the wildlife department and government officials to tackle this situation. In fact, these are poor farming villages that have spent a lot to build such wells used for their daily needs around their lives.

The only way out for this elephant is by getting an easy path dug out from the well. They brought in heavy machinery to aid them on this matter. They started digging the path carefully and even took large stones slowly as it could fall down and injure the elephant more.

They were finally able to dig the path out successfully, and the elephant started climbing up the little slope. They managed to free the elephant and save its life by sacrificing their hard earned wealth. This great work done by humble men goes on to show that humanity is still alive and doing well. We humbly invite you to join us with a journey full of love and help to our treasured wild elephants in the paradise island of Sri Lanka

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