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The magnificent alpha tusker with THICK tusks


The magnificent alpha tusker with THICK tusks

Sri Lankan elephants are the biggest elephants among the Asian kind. Known as Elephas Maximus Maximus, they are the real alphas of the Asian continent and the tuskers among them being the rarest of all elephants in the world. This giant, in particular, walks like a king around a herd in this conservation park in the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The magnificent alpha tusker with THICK tusks-The giant was previously shot in legs by poachers and hunters who failed to bring this magnificent giant down. Thanks to the locals and wildlife department with their fantastic crew devoted to protecting these rare giants, this tusker was able to survive.The magnificent alpha tusker with THICK tusks

The giant wears its ivory itself, one of the thickest tusks you will ever see. The tusker grows potential to grow its tusks even longer as it’s nowhere near its old ages. This video shows the giant walking with the familiar herd of elephants around doing ” Elephant Things” that we wouldn’t understand or shouldn’t judge about.

Watch this video footage and let us know your thoughts on these magnificent and humble giants that are preserved for the generation to come. Share this to spread awareness about such creatures as a person that admires their existence.

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