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Elephant mother doesn’t give up on her baby as humans approach


Elephant mother doesn’t give up on her baby as humans approach

Sri Lanka is a developing country with many high ways being added to its infrastructure on its way to become a developed first world state. The Island faces many challenges as it grows and invests around many mega projects that involve in the relocation of thousands of animals into other national parks in the country. Due to this process, some inevitable clashes between humans and wild animals occur.

Elephant mother doesn’t give up on her baby as humans approach-This happened when this small elephant family moved away from the assigned safe area to a high way. These giants are well known to be adventurous as they move from area to area very often even when they have plenty of grasslands and water around. They are curious about the other corners of the jungles and beyond.

Both the baby elephant and mother fell into a drainage system around the high way in, and they were stuck without any means to move out. That is when the experts and wildlife officers arrived at the scene to guide these elephants out to be free. Wildlife officers arrived at the scene with rifles and medical equipment to treat and scare them off back to the jungle and forest area reserved for them.

Wildlife officers managed to get the mother elephant out as it was able to scale through the barriers easily. But the baby elephant was left behind as it was small to scale off. This was when these wildlife officers knew they had to chase the mother elephant away in order to get the baby elephant out.

Officers used a rope to quickly to boost this baby elephant up towards the upper level of the drainage system. As soon as this baby elephant got his chance to move up, he ran away creating another problem for the officers to handle.

Finally, they caught the baby elephant and escorted this cute troublemaker back to his mother. This adorable baby was filled with joy as he found out that these humans were friendly. As soon as they took him to his mother, the baby elephant quickly ran towards her, and they went back to their jungle with joy. We hope hey will never move to these areas again to be safer in the vast forests and grass areas given to them.

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