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Colossal Tusker Gets A Routine Medical Check Up


Colossal Tusker Gets A Routine Medical Check Up

We continually keep taking our beloved pets to the vet for routine check-ups and vaccinations in order to keep them safe and healthy throughout their lifetime. But, who is going to take care of those giant wild elephants in the wild that require medical attention and proper vaccinations to keep them safe from new viral diseases that spreads through the rural and jungle areas? It is a task given to the brave wildlife officers in the island.

Colossal Tusker Gets A Routine Medical Check Up-Their usual day starts with them traveling on their SUV’s with all the medical supplies for both routine check-ups and emergency rescue operations they come across. You never know when you will come across an elephant that is in a dire situation that could need saving at that very moment.Colossal Tusker Gets A Routine Medical Check Up

These expert vets and wildlife officers know how life-threatening these confrontations are as they try to treat these wild giants by using modern methods that allow them to get closer. One approach is to use the tranquilizer gun to either shoot them with medical vaccine shots or to sedate them. Sedating them will enable these officers to get closer to path any wound or perform medical checks during a short window of time before these elephants would regain consciousness and strength.

Here we have the familiar wildlife officers and vets preparing to vaccinate a group of elephants as they have spotted some elephants that may require medical attention. They have targeted this giant tusker who is leading a herd together with the matriarch. The health of these tuskers is a great priority to the country as these are the very most precious treasures of the island nation of Sri Lanka. Only a few magnificent tuskers remain in the world, especially with the Asian Sri Lankan wild elephants.

The giant is suddenly aware of the situation and tried to get close to the officers as it attempts to charge at them for teasing him. It is not a very good idea to tease such a giant tusker or to even be around a wild one. Watch this footage and observe the day-to-day of a wildlife officer treating and taking care of our national treasure.

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