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A young tusker saved from a well

A young tusker saved from a well

A young tusker saved from a well

Another sunny day, another giant in distress. It is a muddy mess for this humble giant in the pit. He seems to be calm without making any noises at the scene. Well no matter what these wild elephants prioritize eating anything they can find at any moment of distress.

A young tusker saved from a well-As stated previously, these wild elephants roam the island freely. The island is full of large land plots conserved for wildlife, but these wild elephants are very adventurous to move towards different locations and also towards human villages and cities in rural areas. These confrontations have lead towards many casualties on both sides. This wild elephant has fallen into a nonfunctional well close to farmlands.

As Usual, authorities are always quick to respond. Their goal is to keep these endangered species safe and alive. Wildlife officers called in a caterpillar to dig a steady slope for the elephant to climb out. With the aid of human intervention, the elephant managed to climb out from the pit.

Authorities used firecrackers to scare this elephant away from the area back to its natural habitat. This is yet another episode on saving an endangered species from death.

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