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A Young elephant saved by humans

A Young elephant saved by humans

A Young elephant saved by humans

Another sunny day in the rural areas of Asia. This elephant has been struggling to get out for a long while without any water or food. Villagers have gathered around the area already and also few wildlife officers.

A Young elephant saved by humans – Immediately they proceeded towards supplying necessities such as water to cool him down and for its thirst to go away. They even poured in some water over the elephant to keep it calm till they manage to dig or fill to create a pathway out.A Young elephant saved by humans

Finally the help they asked for came with soil to fill aside for him to climb the slope. They released the load to fill a side of the pit avoiding the elephant with any injuries or damages. Yet again, this young elephant struggled to get out from the pit. Wildlife officers wanted to scare him out from the pit by throwing in some firecrackers. Suddenly the elephant had to try it’s best to move out from the pit towards the jungle to is happy zone.

Another day, another mission success for the amazing wildlife team.

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