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Three cute baby elephants are waiting to join a new elephant herd or a home


Sadly it is still a reality where many baby elephants like this get separated from their mothers and herds every day. There are several thousands of elephants around the island, and they migrate from area to area regularly making it hard to document and spot their relevant herds. They end up wandering alone or chasing other small animals for fun to be finally get separated from the herd.

When wildlife department receives a call regarding a lost baby elephant, they respond fast by first securing the baby elephant at one of their facilities made to hold such vulnerable animals. Then they provide food and shelter until they come up with the plan to find their family or take them to a place like an elephant orphanage home where plenty of young elephants roam in a massive secure area with no danger or difficulty.

It is not an easy thing to introduce a baby elep[hant into a stranger herd, as they might risk that baby elephants life. So they take them to a familiar sized young elephant group under their watch. These baby elephants will receive much-needed care as such places are directly funded by people who visit to care for them. They receive plenty of milk and food to be healthy as well.

Hopefully, the hardworking officers will be able to spot and find the familiar herd these baby elephants belong to so they can return to a normal life. These elephants do have family bonds as we do, and it is a sad thing to see them being left behind sometimes.

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