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An elephant stucked by a canal saved by humans


Sri Lanka has a massive network of canals which carry water through the main areas that help agricultural activities. These Asian wild elephants that roam freely through the jungles towards human villages close to their habitats. Most of these, wild elephants are kept in national parks and conservation parks in order to keep them safe as they are endangered species. But those who roam freely get into trouble very often when they go out looking for new water sources etc.

As mentioned above, this story began when a group of villagers spotted this elephant being stuck in the canal. This old footage emerged as supporting evidence that made the government design steps in these canals for animals to climb up recently. So the issue is fixed for your knowledge.

This elephant, however, had no way of getting back up as it has moved a long way away from its natural habitat. A new water source is like a treasure cove for them that they cannot resist. This elephant will need some level of strong logistics to support to climb up, and that’s when the wildlife department and experts came to the scene.

The most cost effective and efficient way is through strong ropes with strong branches and tires that an elephant can grab on to, so they can hold a firm grip to climb up. Officers took several attempts to support this giant, and the elephant initially failed many times to follow the lead. However, this one did not give up on its way out and was further motivated with rage to get out of this canal. The elephant soon chased a vehicle that belongs to the wildlife department, and they had to rush out fast. It was another success story, and this elephant was chased back to the jungle using firecrackers and gunshots to scare it off. We humbly invite you to join us with a journey full of love and help to our treasured wild elephants in the paradise island of Sri Lanka

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