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This sick elephant needs a pond to cool itself next to a village


Elephants are very problematic to deal with most of the time, especially when they are sick or injured. This scenario was captured in Gomarankadawala, and this place is a  divisional Secretariat of Trincomalee District, of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. This place has a lot of historical value and is a place of great beautify with a lot of green around the area.

Animals require medicine support just like us humans to stay healthy and also to stay resilient any disease they can catch while they roam around the natural habitats they live in. They are shot with vaccines as treatments, and these are done to minimize the risks of approaching a dangerous animal such as an elephant or a larger animal.

This beautiful giant elephant is sick and is completely settled in the area near a lot of homes and busy town roads in the area. This elephant is very lazy as well and refuses to leave this little water pond used by farmers. He loves his pond for sure that is used for irrigational purposes in the area.

Wildlife officers arrived at the scene to treat and chase this elephant back to the jungle and safely away from human villages so both parties can live peacefully. There are lots of conflicts that happen in rural areas as there are several thousands of elephants in the island. Wildlife officers are trained to tackle these situations while keeping things safe.

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