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Successfully translocating an aggressive elephant


These sort of violent elephants are found all across the island of Sri Lanka. Sometimes they invade villages in herds and try to destroy as much as they see during specific seasons like the Musth season. These villagers depend on farming and growing fruits to make a living, and it is tough for them when elephants move closer to their villages. Their lives are at risk as they are forced to be cautious and slow on their daily tasks.

This giant has invaded this village and caused a lot of damages to this house that has a family that sells fruits as you can see. These families spend a lot of hours saving to build their homes as they only make a portion of what people in the cities make.

The wildlife department is here to take this elephant away by using its heavy truck. Before that, they must use their strength and be cautious about closing in on the elephant. They will tie this elephant and slowly drag it back while it looks the opposite direction.

It took several hours for these officers to tie and take this elephant back to the truck. They will take this elephant far away from human villages and towns back to conserved zones kept for elephants. Then they will live in peace without harming humans or being hunted and harmed by humans too.

More on Elephants:

In the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Elephants roam the streets and through village areas freely in many regions of the country. The small island nation is full of elephants that are loved by most of the inhabitants of the island. Most educated in the country are continually fighting corruption, and animal abuse, especially towards the treasures that elephants are to the state as Sri Lankan elephants are known as the largest and the strongest among Asian elephants.

However, around farming villages where elephants raid crops, many conflicts are happening that have caused casualties to both sides. They have set a lot of fences and electric fences with barriers around many villages and farmlands around national parks and many massive forest reserves. These elephants often run into traps and wells placed along with farms for water supply.

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