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Swimming elephant with gunshot wounds

Swimming elephant with gunshot wounds

Swimming elephant with gunshot wounds

In a hot sunny day in the rural, wildlife officers received information about a giant elephant that got shot and is currently wounded. They immediately went to the last spotted area by a lake. They found this giant elephant having a nice swim to keep its tired body balanced in the waters despite the fact that it needs medical attention real fast.

Swimming elephant with gunshot wounds

Wildlife officers together with some locals on their boats move towards the elephant in the lake. They try to scare him off towards the land area so they can attend to its wounds.

Swimming elephant with gunshot wounds

Soon as this giant makes his landfall, the wildlife officers and vets begin to prepare the necessities to sedate this elephant. They shoot him with the tranquilizer successfully to get this elephant sedated.

Every one hastens to their job on treating those wounds and giving necessary injections required for its survival. They also proceed towards applying for medicine over the bullet wounds. It receives few more injections before getting back to normal. Everyone is happy about their success in treating the elephant. Another success story for the team.

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