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Wounded Wild Elephant

Wounded Wild Elephant

Wounded Wild Elephant

This giant wild elephant has wounded one of its legs. A wildlife rescue team has arrived in the jungle to take care of it. They are preparing the tranquilizing gun to be used to capture the elephant. All is set, and the team moves into the jungle to locate the elephant. The elephant is in a swamp, casually moving around and grazing.

The wildlife team moves towards the elephant and stop a little distance off. From their position, they fire shots from the tranquilizing gun at the elephant. The first attempt is unsuccessful, and they move closer to the elephant. They are much closer to the elephant, which stays calm as they attempt to round it. They fire other shots at the elephant, from close range all still failing to hit the elephant.Wounded Wild Elephant

The elephant leaves the swamp and moves into the forest. He is picking up grass with his trunk and consuming it. The elephant is seemingly oblivious to the aim of the team and goes on grazing.

A member of the wildlife team approaches the elephant with a stick and he takes some steps backward. He is now in another spot and resumes eating. A member of the team is taking pictures. The video ends with the wildlife team still trying to get the elephant.

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