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Silent Suffering: The Plight of an Elephant with an Injured Mouth and Severe Infection


Since long ago, elephants are poached and hunted for many reasons. Even still, several humans attempt to hurt them. One such example is this injured elephant that has critical wounds in its mouth as well as on the body. The wounds in its mouth have made it quite weak since it has not been able to eat and drink adequately. 

As soon as the wildlife department of Sri Lanka knew about this injured elephant, the wildlife officers approached it to treat its wounds so that it can continue leading a worthful life. Animals have emotions and they can feel fear. Especially, when someone tries to touch their wounds, they may get frightened of the person due to the pain they think they could face. Therefore, to avoid such situations, the wildlife officers covered the eyes of the elephant so that it would be less aware of what was happening back there. 

Then, they started treating its wounds on the body first. Once the wounds were cleared of all the debris, they desensitized the elephant to treat its wounds in the mouth. Starting with the assessment, the wildlife officers applied the medicines to the wounds. Due to the severity of the wounds, it was difficult to apply the medications properly. However, they cleared up the wound in the mouth of all the debris, blood, and dirt. 

When the mouth wounds were done, the wildlife team got away from the elephant and gave it a drug to get conscious again. After some time, the elephant got conscious and tried to get up, but failed. Two of the officers approached it from the back side and helped it get up. Again, it failed. However, after a few more attempts, it succeeded in getting up with the help of wildlife officers. 

The next step was to guide it to the jungle where it can continue its life with other fellows. The wildlife team along with some locals guided it to the greens by shooting crackers and making noises.

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