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Healing an Elephant: Rehabilitating a Broken Limb


The wildlife team found a sick and injured elephant in the greens, which was lying down in the mud due to pain and suffering. As the team reached the spot, they put a shade over it and tried to feed it a few straws, but it did not take in. So, to treat the sick and injured elephant, the wildlife team has to take it out from the mud and transfer it to a clean and safe place where it can recover.

Since the elephant was too sick, it could not get up independently. Therefore, the wildlife team had to arrange a crane to pull it out. The team put more shades over the elephant until the crane arrived. Moreover, restraining and tying the giant animal was difficult because it was already suffering from pain and resisting the men approaching it. However, the crane pulled the tied animal out of the mud. The wildlife team poured water over it to clean it. 

Pulling the elephant through the crane alone was not enough. So, the officers also had to push and pull it because the elephant could not get up on its own. However, the elephant kept resisting the officers who tried to approach it. However, the officers continued to distract it so that they could pull it out, tying its limbs to the crane.

Moreover, the wildlife team also fed it some water through a pipe. Even though everyone tried hard, the elephant could not get up. At last, they had to use the crane again to shift the animal to another place where it could be treated. 

The wildlife team kept it in a shaded place and provided all the necessary treatments. They washed off the mud and fed it some grass. Until the elephant got treatment, the other teammates created a wooden territory where it could stand upright. Here, the elephant’s feet and other injured organs would be treated.

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