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On Bended Knees: Lonely Elephant Edition

On Bended Knees- Lonely Elephant Edition

On Bended Knees: Lonely Elephant Edition

On Bended Knees-Lonely Elephant Edition A wildlife rescue team on a mission to treat a sick loner elephant. They spotted the sick elephant in an open area and shot with tranquilizers. The elephant reacted as aggressively as it tried to defend himself. Poor thing! As they sighted this aggressiveness, they began to move back to prevent any form of attack. After some time the elephant was fully sedated.

On Bended Knees-Lonely Elephant EditionOn Bended Knees: Lonely Elephant Edition

The team went after the sedated elephant and when they found it was partially unconscious.  Then veterinary doctors started the treatments.

This animal was furious. Vets had to use a tranquilizer to handle and treat it safely. Treatments went well and the elephant is safe and sound. Since it’s one of the endangered species we have in the world today, veterinarians and wildlife specialists always do all they can to ensure that all the species left are adequately taken care of to prevent further loss of these grey giants.On Bended Knees-Lonely Elephant Edition

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