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Python In Distress A Tale Of Discomfort

Python In Distress A Tale Of Discomfort

Python In Distress A Tale Of Discomfort

The python was hit by a vehicle. It was badly invited as the wildlife team quickly came to examine the python. It was tranquilized so it won’t harm anyone. The lady veterinarian attended to the python while examining and cleaning its mouth. As she carefully opened the python’s mouth, she was able to see the glottis. It is similar to a home at the bottom of the mouth right behind the tongues. It was its airway. The python seemed like it was in so much pain, especially when it was given its medicine. But the wildlife team was so certain that it would get better once it takes its medicine the right way.

Python In Distress A Tale Of DiscomfortPython In Distress A Tale Of DiscomfortIt passed out waste immediately and about three minutes after it was given its medicine, it was moving in pains. It didn’t move for long before it stopped moving altogether. The pain seemed a little bit unbearable for the python as it moved. It just lay there on the floor feeling quite uncomfortable. The wildlife team took a lot of skill and expertise in dealing with this python.

“A lot of people think that reptiles don’t feel, and they do. I think everyone should keep in mind what it is they are buying and if it is really worth it to them”

                              -Laura Vandervoort

After all of this was over, the wildlife team gave the python medicine to make it better and put it in its cage to rest as it had been through a lot. They carefully laid it into the cage while it moved slowly into it to get some rest. It seemed like it was already feeling a lot better than before the medicine was given to it. Thanks to the incredibly patient veterinary doctors who made sure the python was fine before letting it go. They seemed pretty happy when they saw the python looked a little better. They keep saving the wildlife one piece at a time! The planet is entirely grateful for these heroes.

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