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Electrocuted Elephant: A Desperate Rescue Attempt

Electrocuted Elephant: A Desperate Rescue Attempt

Electrocuted Elephant: A Desperate Rescue Attempt

A male elephant is shown lying lifeless in the woods. An electric wire shocked him. It is not clear on how this happened. The position in which he is in, suggests a struggle. He is lying in an awkward position with tree branches tangled around its body. A wildlife team has arrived on the scene to conduct a post-mortem on the elephant.

Electrocuted ElephantElectrocuted Elephant: A Desperate Rescue Attempt

A member of the team is examining the wire related to the shock, while another is taking footage. The police authorities came to conduct the legal inspection to document the scene, after which they proceeded to examine the lifeless body. At this time, the locals gathered around to see the body of the elephant; with the kids particularly fascinated by its size.

The wildlife team is conducting some tests on the elephant, with the locals looking on. They seem to be taking measurements of its feet. The police authorities have arrived at this point, and are discussing the incidence with the wildlife team. They are trying to get as much information as possible, in order to aid their investigations. A close-up view shows the elephant’s feet covered in soil, with its trunk covered by scrubs. Flies can also be seen starting to infest the lifeless body.Electrocuted Elephant: A Desperate Rescue Attempt

The video ends with the discussion of a removal process of the elephant between wildlife team and the locals. It is unclear how the elephant came in contact with the electricity line. This video highlights the dangers of some of the man’s creations to nature and wildlife. We hope that measures are put in place to avoid future occurrence of such events.

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