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Life to a lifeless giant

Life to a lifeless giant

Life to a lifeless giant

It was a sunny day when wildlife officers received information about a sick and dying elephant that requires urgent help. When these wildlife experts arrived at the scene, the elephant was on the verge of death.

Life to a lifeless giant-Wildlife officers and vets started checking him immediately when they arrived. The elephant couldn’t move even a bit so they didn’t have to sedate him that could risk his life even more. This elephant only had the low-level energy for breathing and eye movements.Life to a lifeless giant

They started on injecting medicine into this poor elephant and started giving saline. Saline is the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. They use saline to clean the wounds and hydrate to give some life and energy back to this giant. The sick elephant will require large quantities of saline to recover and gain a bit of energy. These vets and wildlife officers are here to look after this elephant until they see any positive progress.

Wildlife officers were successful in saving this elephant. This giant was very fortunate to gain back its life. Unfortunately, our cameraman couldn’t stay much longer with the team. It was informed, this elephant received a lot of treatments to clean its body inside and the mouth that took some time over. This giant roams across fields and forests even today.

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