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An Injured Elephant With A Single Tusk

An Injured Elephant With A Single Tusk

An Injured Elephant With A Single Tusk

The video shows an injured adult elephant with a single tusk. The elephant is wounded and is moving quite slowly. He is peacefully eating grass in the forest. A wildlife team has come to take care of it. The engine of their jeep can be heard in the background. They are discussing while they watch the elephant, as he feeds on grass. The elephant is unbothered by their presence and continues eating.

An Injured Elephant With A Single Tusk

The elephant is moving away from where it was grazing. He moves to another part of the jungle and continues grazing. The elephant moves towards the wildlife jeep, as he is moving along.

An Injured Elephant With A Single Tusk

He stops, appears to be moving towards the team and then backtracks, going on his way. By this time, the medical team is already preparing the tranquilizing gun to be used to sedate the animal. The wildlife team is now on the scene, they are about ten in number. They came with about two jeeps and medicine to take care of the elephant. The wildlife team is preparing the tranquilizer, before putting it inside the gun. They are set, and about three of them have loaded their tranquilizing guns. These three members of the team approach the elephant. One is in front, while the other two stand behind him. The elephant is a little distance from where they are, still eating grass.

The frontman moves closer and takes a shot. The elephant moves towards the dense part of the forest and away from the team. The team picks up their implements and goes after it to tranquilize it, capture it and treat the wounds. The video ends with the team going into the forest in pursuit of the elephant.

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