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History of Elephants and Men

History of Elephants and Men

History of Elephants and Men  

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They are also the largest animals to be domesticated by humans. They have coexisted together with humans for nearly all of human history since it began. They have joined humans with construction, agriculture, warfare, transportation and also entertainment.

History of Elephants and Men

Some elephants can be domesticated. In reality, they are wild animals in chains. Elephants are humble giants that can be trusted unless provoked with aggressive behavior. Humans have coexisted with elephants as warriors, builders, and entertainers with very close relationships with one another.

x) Elephants in religion and culture.

Ganesh is the Hindu god with an elephant head that is known s the god of prosperity, intelligence, good luck, and success. Idolized in southern and western parts of India.

Elephants are known as sacred animals in Sri Lanka, especially those tuskers. Kandy Esala Perehera ” is one of the oldest Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka. The beloved tusker is used to carry the sacred tooth relic that is believed to belong to the Lord Buddha.

x) Wars and Conquests

History of Elephants and MenDomesticated elephants have been to war with humans through history from many centuries before. Perhaps some of the famous scenarios had them go to war with many warlords at the time.

Hannibal’s War elephants – used by his Carthaginian army against the Romans during the second Punic War ( 218 – 202 BCE )

History of Elephants and Men

Timur Khan – leader of the Mongol Hoards. – The Delhi Sultanate had war elephants against the Mongol hoards.

Alexander the Great. – Fought against war elephants when he faced Porus in Indus Valley region, with around three hundred of these war elephant beasts at Porus’s disposal. They failed to gain victory over Macedonian forces, as archers were able to act as a direct counter to slow heavy cavalry.

x) Construction

In many parts of early Asia, elephants were used to construct many of the historical monuments and symbolic buildings at that time. Massive castles and walls were built with the aid of these giants at the time.History of Elephants and Men As an example, the great city of Alexandria was a simple seaside town founded by the Alexander the Great. With the help of Elephants, they were able to turn it into the most beautiful and largest city in the world with amazing buildings like the famous lighthouse and the Library.

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