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Amazing facts about elephants

Amazing facts about elephants

Amazing facts about elephants

Fact 1) Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

Amazing facts about elephants.

Amazing facts about elephants

The largest elephant was an adult male African elephant. He was 13 feet tall with a weight of about 24 000 pounds.

Fact 2) They live to become old and wise.

Amazing facts about elephants.

Elephants can live over 70 years of age. Many giant tuskers do not get the chance to live over 40 years of age due to hunters and poachers.

The oldest living elephant lived for over 86 years from 1917 – 2003.

Fact 3) Elephants have the longest pregnancy period.

Amazing facts about elephants.

It takes 22 months for a female elephant to give birth to a newborn from conception.

Fact 4) Elephants are social giants.

They can be seen hugging each other by wrapping their trunks together as to greet and show affection to the other.

Fact 5) The elephant’s trunk has more than 40 000 muscles

The elephant’s trunk is a combination of its nose and upper lip.

It is the most important limb they have.

Elephants use their trunk to lift objects, hold their food, and for everything they do, like humans with their hands.

Fact 6) Elephants use their ears to cool themselves.

Their large ears are used to radiate excess heat away from the body. They constantly flap their ears to cool themselves.

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