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Rescued and Relocated: The Story of an Elephant’s Journey to Safety


A giant elephant was found in the greens and needed to relocate to another place. Since an elephant is a massive animal, it requires particular protocols, and the wildlife department of Sri Lanka knows and follows all the protocols pretty well. This time, they had to relocate a giant elephant from this place to another. Therefore, they had to load it into a truck. But do you know how the wildlife team did it? Let’s see how the wildlife team loads a giant elephant into a truck to relocate.

In a thick forest where a truck could not invade, the wildlife team had to remove the vegetation to pave the way for a truck. A crane is a perfect machine for this task. The wildlife team restrained the elephant and removed all the vegetation around it to get enough room to load the giant animal into the truck. Meanwhile, they took all the necessary precautions before approaching the elephant. 

Soon, all the plants around the elephant were cleared. The next step was to dig the ground to a level where the elephant could walk smoothly into the truck without climbing up. Again, the crane did it well. Once the ground was dug, the team prepared to pull the elephant towards the truck to load it. 

As the elephant was too giant, it required pretty big ropes. The team started to make the elephant walk towards the truck by pulling the strings in its limbs. The confused elephant once messed up with the ropes, but the wildlife team soon overcame it. They removed the elephant into the truck by pulling the ropes in a way that it got into the truck, moving backwards. 

Once the elephant was loaded completely into the truck, the team members restrained it properly and locked the truck so that the elephant could not harm in any way. After loading it into the truck and safely reaching the other spot, the team members gathered for a group photo with the loaded elephant. 

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