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Hard work results, smart solutions; Wildlife officers move a wild elephant to another location in two hectic days.


Deforestation and shrinking habitat have forced elephants to enter human territories. Sri Lankan elephants are the largest of species. The huge size and wrath of elephants often make humans (especially women and children) frightened. But, what else would these gentle giants do to quench their thirst and fulfill hunger? However, that’s not the solution either.

Once these elephants invade the human villages, it’s quite difficult to save the human resources, homes, and lives from these giants. One technique to make elephants move in the required direction is by making loud noises such as crackers and gunshots. But sometimes, this method may not work. Thanks to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka to dedicate wildlife teams for such purposes.

As soon as the villagers informed the wildlife department about this elephant invasion, the team arrived and handled the situation with utmost care and professionalism. They beset the elephant on a relatively safe spot in the greens. After applying appropriate treatments and making suitable conditions for shifting, the wildlife team began to draw the elephant towards the container.

Over the years, the government has been failing to check and prohibit elephant hunting and poaching. However, this has resulted in the frequent disappearance of elephant herds in the region. On the other hand, the decrease in forest cover also forces the elephant herds to invade the human populations. The lack of food and water, along with hunting has caused a major decrease in elephant populations, especially the Sri Lankan species which is distinct in all elephant species across the world.

Although bringing the container to the greens in such swampy premises was also a tough task besides dragging the elephant into it. All the elephants, whether livestock or wild ones need proper restraining, especially when carrying them in an open container. This avoids them from jumping or hopping in a running vehicle.

Elephants in Sri Lanka hold great importance; symbolic, cultural, as well as economic. Since they are facing difficulties in survival, it is now necessary to take responsible actions towards elephant saving and increasing their population. This will also save the innocent animals to be kept in the national parks for tourists to witness the wildlife.

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