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Elephants got out of the canal, but they never thought they would be stuck on YouTube forever.


Sri Lanka is very well-known for its elephants. But on the other hand, it is an agricultural country. Since agriculture serves as the backbone of the Sri Lankan economy, there are many protocols designed specifically for agricultural purposes. One of the most important practices in the Sri Lankan agricultural sector is the canal system. The massive network of canals takes water from the main streams to the crop fields.

But, when it comes to the elephants roaming freely in the jungles near the agricultural lands, both the important sectors in Sri Lanka may collide unpleasantly. Just like in this case, a pair of elephants came roaming from the jungle and got stuck in the canal. Since these elephants are now unable to get out by themselves, the surrounding people reported the case to the Sri Lankan wildlife department.

The wildlife department of Sri Lanka is well-experienced and knows how to handle situations. As the team arrived, they made the way out for the elephants using logs, ropes, and tires. Due to the massive bodies of elephants, they need firm support that can bear their weight and provide a fair grip to pull themselves out.

It was difficult to guide the elephants in the right direction but the team along with villagers managed to put the elephants on the right path. They used  vocals to guide the elephants. As soon as the elephants reached the lead made by the humans, they tried to climb up. Several attempts of climbing up but all in vain.

At last, one of the two elephants climbed up the canal through the logs and strong ropes. But, the other one remained stuck. Eventually, it also got the idea of how to get out of the canal. However, it failed many times initially. But the trials did not waste and in the end, this elephant also got ut of the canal and went into the jungle once again. Thanks to the strong ropes, logs, tires, and most importantly, the gentle humans who took steps to save these endangered species from drowning.

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