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The injured baby elephant got separated from the pack and treated by wildlife officers


Elephants are an important wealth of Sri Lanka. But, with this divine blessing of God comes great responsibility as well. Sri Lanka needs to protect its native elephant species. Fortunately, the wildlife department of Sri Lanka understands the value of this blessing. Despite the severe loss of the elephant population in the recent past, they are striving to regrow the population by protecting the alive individuals.

Whenever they are informed of any elephant in trouble, they try their level’s best to relieve it from the pain or trouble it is facing. Similar is the case here when the team was informed of a lost and sick baby elephant and requested to treat it. The team arrived as soon as possible and started to make arrangements for the treatment of the innocent creature. 

The wildlife department of Sri Lanka consists of determined and trained individuals who do not understand the value of wildlife health, but also treat them in sickness, in the most appropriate ways.

Elephants have been much more susceptible to extinction due to deforestation and uncontrolled invasion of humans in their habitat. Due to a lack of food, water, and available space to live, elephants had been diminishing frequently from the forests of Sri Lanka. 

Fortunately, the wildlife department has taken positive actions toward the conservation and protection of this endangered species. Hunting, and trapping innocent animals have been declared illegal. Furthermore, spreading awareness among the general public is also at its best from the wildlife department of Sri Lanka.

Here, you can see the wildlife team is assessing the baby elephant to provide it with proper treatment. Hygiene and sterilization of equipment and treatment spots are equally important for animals as that for humans.

After providing appropriate treatment to the sick elephant, it was necessary to get it back to its home – the forest. Therefore, the wildlife team carried it to the forest and released it there so that it would carry out its normal life activities again with its family.

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