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Elephant reached the end of the world. Wildlife officers helped to survive


Canals are an important part of agriculture in Sri Lanka. But they often interfere with the animals roaming freely around the vicinities of canals. Oftentimes, animals get into the canals to drink water or even have a refreshing swim, unknowingly that they can get stuck in there. Similar was the case when this innocent elephant got stuck in the canal and could not get out of it.

The fast flowing water made it uncomfortable and it tried to get out of the canal but could not. The people observing the situation reported to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka which arrived as soon as they were reported. Due to the heavy bodies of elephants, they cannot rely on weak ropes or lean branches. Instead, they need some strong supports to grab and climb up.

The wildlife team knowing the circumstances quite well managed to make a lead for the elephant using strong ropes, iron chains, logs, and tires to climb up. Until the team put the lead on both sides of the canal, the heavily flowing water kept making the elephant uncomfortable. The wildlife team along with the villagers used vocals to guide the elephant to the way forward.

Fortunately, it did not take much time for the elephant to get the lead. As soon as it found the rope, it began to try grabbing it and climbing up. After several attempts of the elephant failed, the team guided it to a higher extent using crackers. Vocals, crackers  are the most common ways to guide or scare the animals to lead them to the right path.

As the elephant started losing its track, the people used the same technique – crackers to get it to the right path again. At last, it found an elevated position to get out of the canal, but could not climb up. It took several attempts for the elephant to understand how to climb up. Eventually, it got the right things to grab and pull, and the right spots to put its feet. At last, the innocent animal climbed up and ran away to the jungle. Once again, thanks to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka who managed to take care of the stuck elephant in the canal and used the right techniques to set it free.

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