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Top best compilation video of elephant rescue in 2018

Top best compilation video of elephant rescue in 2018
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Top best compilation video of elephant rescue in 2018

This is a compilation of some of the top best compilation of elephant rescue videos in 2018. The video begins with the washing of the huge elephant in the river by the monk and as they mount the elephant going back, and also with the swimming of the baby elephant. You will get to see where a very big elephant rescued is leaving the truck, and also a baby elephant being fed.

Another interesting part is that of the elephant that fell into a river and being rescued, another having her teeth brushed. One elephant had her tusk in between roots of trees that are outside – only God knows how she got there! Well, the rescue team was there to put her out of her misery. Another lying down half dead on the ground being revived by the special rescue team and vet doctors.

There is also this baby elephant having her body properly washed and creamed, another one that fell into dirty water being brought out. Then there is this who is having her bath in a slightly big river, and there is also this sick one getting injection through gun – injection gun, another trying to be removed from a dirty water, and there is this huge one having a fresh shower while standing, you need to see this monk feeding this baby elephant and you also need to see this baby elephant being rescued out of a pit, another one having a bath in a big river and another taking a nap after being treated by vet doctors. This is a compilation of videos of people trying to save the world of animals.

On many different occasions, these people have taken their time to care and value these animals. Humanity has not lost its purpose, and I hope more of this will be done to save the forest and wildlife in general.

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