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Elephant rescue mission: STUCK ON A DAM!

Elephant rescue mission: STUCK ON A DAM!

Elephant rescue mission: Stuck on a dam

An elephant was seen stuck inside a dam in the Z D Water canal that runs through a series of rural areas across north central parts of Sri Lanka. Locals immediately commenced their rescue mission to save this drowning elephant from the canal by using simple methods with available manpower till any additional help arrives.

Locals quickly lifted the dam barrier using manual mechanisms with chains making way for the elephant to swim out towards the open area where the locals planned his escape route out away from the village area.Elephant rescue mission: Stuck on a dam The tired out elephant is still struggling to move towards the edge of the canal. We can see a lot of locals shouting and throwing simple objects to chase the elephant towards the path that’s easier for it to climb up. Locals deal with a lot of elephant problems daily in many rural areas like this and they always try to scare them away by shouting and throwing little objects without causing injuries to the elephant. These giants can be deadly and locals will not want to go easy on them.

Elephant attempting to climb over the slope.Elephant rescue mission: Stuck on a damWhen she reaches the edge that is waiting for her to climb on to, she repeatedly fails to climb as she is very tired. Then locals help her out by laying down a large rope with attached logs for the elephant to grab on to. Since this is a very rural area, immediate support for a mission of this type and scale is not readily available. It is very difficult to lift or move such a large wild animal that weighs over 6 tons.

No! Not that way again…

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She gave up on the rescue path that required her to climb the side slope. Then she moves back to the initial location to climb over the dam control gates. She tries her own method for a moment to only give up and listen to locals pushing her towards the rescue point again.

Push on brave big one!

She finally gives all her strength and patience to hold on to the provided rope with logs.  Then she climbs the side slope with all the locals cheering her up. Well not so fast big one, you are going away towards the forest now. People around shouts to scare her off back to the forest so she will not harm anyone around.Elephant rescue mission: Stuck on a dam Finally after hours of struggling came to an end with the elephant being rescued and chased back to the forest. With Limited knowledge, these locals deal with a major mission that came to a success.

Watch the full video on YouTube: Click here
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