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Brutal Elephant Battle Leaves Massive Tusker Severely Wounded (Part 1)


Elephants usually have a calm nature. But at times, these gentle giants are seen as aggressive as well. And you can imagine what can possibly happen when this massive animal becomes aggressive. Here is a live example of the results that come when elephants attack each other. 

This massive tusker is attacked by another massive tusker and is extremely wounded. As soon as the wildlife department of Sri Lanka got a report about this situation, they reached the location to treat the wounded elephant. After assessing the wounds superficially, they started by setting two intravenous drips in the ear.

The elephant had deep wounds on its legs that were definitely from the tusk of the other tusker invaded into its body. Moreover, the upper part of the elephant’s neck had other deep wounds. As the wildlife team started to treat wounds, the elephant began to resist and tried getting up. But this attempt was not good since the drip was still set in its ear. 

However, the wildlife team managed to keep it laid down until the drips finished. After that, the team members sprayed medicine on the wounds which the elephant kept resisting. The next step was to bring the elephant out of the mud. After several trials, they succeeded in tying a rope in its legs.

They pulled the rope with the help of a tractor. This changed the position of the elephant but the rope broke. Another try and the rope slipped out of its leg. For the third try, the team members tied the rope more properly and it worked. 

The elephant started getting out of the mud as the tractor pulled the rope tied to its leg. This was not easy, but for the instance, the method still worked. Or else, getting this massive tusker out of the mud when it could not stand on its feet would be impossible without such machinery. The wildlife team can easily treat its wounds and provide medications on dry land as compared to water or mud.

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