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An Elephant’s Journey to a Sanctuary of Safety


An elephant is a giant animal. Shifting it from one place to another is a challenging task. Here is how the wildlife department of Sri Lanka relocates an elephant whenever needed. Approaching the elephant and then loading it in the truck is the most important thing while relocating. However, there are other steps to do before approaching the animal.

Since elephants cannot climb or jump on the truck, the wildlife team brings the truck down to its ground level. They used an excavator to dig the ground in an inclined way so that the truck could move down and the elephant could walk in easily. 

After digging the ground and moving the truck into it, the wildlife team tied ropes in the hind limbs of the elephant and started pulling them. this way, the elephant started to walk back due to the pressure of the ropes. There was a point when the elephant refused to go with the pressure and sat down. However, the wildlife team knew how to get it up to continue loading. 

As the elephant got up, they started pulling it again. The elephant had come closer to the truck, so the team members passed the ropes through the truck for better pulling and to avoid difficult situations later. At last, the wildlife team loaded the elephant into the truck. After loading, although the elephant was restrained, it still seemed like protesting. 

After completing all the safety protocols and restraining the elephant properly, the drivers took the truck out of the excavation and took the elephant to another place where it was warmly welcomed. There, the wildlife team provided it with the necessary initial medications before taking it out from the loader. 

After some time, the elephant tried to get out of the truck, but its limbs were still tied with ropes. So, it could not walk. A couple of team members continued the medications as it sat for a while. And then, it was set free to walk out of the truck. As it got out of the truck, the wildlife team guided it to the other side by making different sounds. 

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