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One hard elephant rescue attempt from a canal

One hard elephant rescue attempt from a canal

One hard elephant rescue attempt from a canal

A giant elephant has fallen into the famous Z D canal. A lot of elephants fall to this canal that doesn’t have a safety fence big enough to keep them away. This giant has been struggling to get out for a while. Locals immediately contacted wildlife officers and other local authorities in this rural area to lend help on this matter.

One hard elephant rescue attempt from a canalSince these elephants are very heavy, it’s even impossible for these giants to completely maneuver through terrain easily. This elephant attempts to climb off the slope and repeatedly fails to do so. Officers together with locals used a large rope with a tire and a log for it to hold for climbing.

The elephant completely ignores this trying his own way to get out. As expected, the struggling elephant moves away from the area unaware of the help offered. The giant climbs over the slopes on his own and never manages to climb over completely because the angle is far great for the giant that weighs over several tons.One hard elephant rescue attempt from a canal The team lays down another rope with several supporting logs and tires when the giant turns to it and fails to climb over using the offered help. The nighttime has arrived and all efforts are useless as this elephant continues to wander through the canal. Villagers began pouring more water over this elephant to wake him up. With the elephant regaining consciousness, people helped him to eat as well. As soon as the elephant started making slight movements, they immediately wanted to help this elephant stand up. These giants who are weak requires a lot of strength to get up. It is yet another success story for everyone and it is a perfect example to show that humanity can do anything impossible to save the world.

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