Home Elephant videos A lovely couple feeding a humble elephant. (Humanity meets Nature)

A lovely couple feeding a humble elephant. (Humanity meets Nature)


A lovely couple feeding a humble elephant. (Humanity meets Nature)

Our group spotted this brave couple having a moment in life when they met this elephant. They were sure happy and excited to take a photo of a moment anyone gets rarely. Moments, where these elephants are calm enough to let anyone get close, are very rare. Elephants can be aggressive when they sense any danger even when you try to feed them, but they say that these giants can sense humble souls. This elephant seems to be very friendly with the couple and poses no threats or any signs asking them to back off.

A lovely couple feeding a humble elephant-Many tourists arrive here in Sri Lanka to enjoy the beautiful beaches and for its density of wildlife in national parks found everywhere on the island.

Many tourists love these humble giants on the island, and they are always looking to connect with animals, maybe because they are from countries in the northern hemisphere that doesn’t get to see elephants in their countries.

Take a moment and enjoy this footage, we do not intend to harm this couple or give any popularity, we just loved how they genuinely wanted to connect with the elephant even for a photograph. We applaud them for being brave and would further ask everyone to refrain from approaching these wild giants as they are unpredictable.

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