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A Beautiful Elephant saved from a wire trap cable. (People are awesome)


A Beautiful Elephant saved from a wire trap cable. (People are awesome)

Elephants on the island often roam away from the designated massive safe jungles and grasslands reserved for them. No hunting or poaching is allowed in this country with no reports about poaching in recent history.

A Beautiful Elephant saved from a wire trap cable- However, when these elephants move away from the safe areas, they often face severe problems when they caught up with traps set by farmers and hunters as protection against these elephants and other wild animals raiding their crops.A Beautiful Elephant saved from a wire trap cable

This elephant got its leg trapped with an iron cable. Fortunately, this elephant was spotted by the wildlife authorities. This elephant is a humble one and looks adorable as well. Officers prepared to engage this elephant as it started to move away. Many curious onlookers were seen at the time being curious about the situation, both locals and foreigners.

This is a wild animal, and they are still dangerous to be approached directly. Officers wanted to sedate this elephant by shooting with an anesthetic shot from the tranquilizer gun. The first part is a success as they are able to approach the elephant from behind during the window of opportunity. As they approached the elephant carefully, they quickly used some tools to cut the cable off to set this elephant free from this hazardous situation.

Sri Lanka and elephants, a piece of history

Sri Lanka is an island filled with green. Every area is covered with rivers, small lakes, water streams, and forests. The misty hills and clear skies are something to be mentioned here. Around the island are some beautiful beaches that surround the entire country. Light blue and green waters in the ocean make it amazing for a surfing destination and whale watching to the western side.

Talking about elephants on the island, they are known as a national treasure to the people of Sri Lanka. Elephants are connected with the culture and history in countless ways through the past centuries.

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