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A giant elephant gets a pass to a safer jungle


In developing countries like Sri Lanka where there is no boundary line between the human and animal habitats, wild animals often enter the human localities while wandering. In such a case, they need to be relocated back to the jungles where they can continue their lives along with other family members. 

Elephants are generally calm and peaceful animals. They do not panic much until there is a serious threat. But, once they are aggressive, they can cause severe destruction and loss of lives – be it other fellows, animals, or even humans. Sometimes they are playful as well.

As elephants are the largest land animal, that also the Sri Lankan elephant is the largest among all other Asian elephant species. In this regard, taking an adult Sri Lankan elephant from one place to another is a quite challenging task. But thanks to the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka which has elephant officers who know how to deal with this gentle giant even if it refuses to cooperate.

Even a bunch of humans cannot withstand the power of a single elephant, but a human mind can surely defeat an animal’s mind. So, the wildlife team deals with the elephants through minds, rather than human strength.

As the team continues to head the elephant towards the container, it refuses and lies down on the ground moving its trunk through the grass playfully. The same thing happened two to three times but the team did not lose hope. At last, they brought the container near it and pulled the elephant into it.

But again, the elephant was not ready o go into a small cage-like container. It refused and continued to protest against the process yet the Wildlife team had to relocate it. Therefore, ignoring the outcrying of the elephant, the wildlife team continued to do their work. 

At last, they succeeded to get the elephant into the container safely. After proper restraining, the team gave some time to the elephant to settle down. Once it was no more aggressive, they moved and took the elephant back to its habitat where it can continue its normal life with other fellows and family. 

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