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lifesaving medical care for elephant | Humble Giant getting treated by kind wildlife officers


Just like humans, animals also get sick and need proper treatment. Over the years, Sri Lankan elephants have been facing difficulties in survival. Their population has reduced drastically. However, in recent years, the wildlife department of Sri Lanka has taken positive steps towards the replenishment of their indigenous elephant species. 

The wildlife department of Sri Lanka is much dedicated to its purpose and perform their duties with all heart and soul. They make every possible effort to save their gentle giants and regain the number. Whenever they receive any information about elephants in adversity, they reach out to it and relieve it from the harsh situation.

Similar is the case here where an elephant is sick and the wildlife team is here to treat it. After assessing the situation, the team is getting the medications ready to provide to the elephant. Apart from on-site hospitals, the distressed elephants are also treated through a rescue unit and mobile clinic like this, wherever they may be facing difficulties.

As the most important animal in Sri Lanka, elephants need care and attention. The elephant rescue team understands and values the lives of these creatures and helps them in the most appropriate ways. Here, one of the team members approached the elephant from the backside and injected the medication to cure its sickness. Later, other members also joined to provide multiple injections at the same time.

It is very important to approach the animal from the position it cannot harm you. Especially in sickness and hunger, animals are prone to crankiness and may harm any human who comes closer. 

After injecting the medications, the elephant rescue team went for the pain killer spray to reduce the pain on the spot where injections were given. This was yet another humanly act from the team since animals also feel pain just like humans do.

With so much dedication towards its purpose, the nation owes all the respect and dignity to the wildlife department of Sri Lanka that it deserves.

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