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Final moment of an Elephant that met an Iron Giant


Elephants are a significant part and a kind of symbol for Sri Lanka, yet the human-elephant conflict continues to the date. Since Sri Lanka is a developing country, there are not many arrangements to take care of this wonderful wildlife species. Although many advancements in the conservation of elephants have been made and many are under process, there are still areas that need to be addressed soon.

Just like you can see in this video – an elephant lying across the railway line. It is no doubt that this gentle giant has been hit by a train and is going through severe physical trauma. Thanks to the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka for addressing all the medical and lost wildlife cases in such a professional manner that every individual animal gets equal attention and care to heal and live a happy life. 

But, the Wildlife Department alone is not enough. Some steps need to be taken at the government level – such as drawing fences around railway lines like this. With civilization and industrialization, humans have invaded the habitat of wild animals. The bare railway lines passing through the forests cannot stop animals from wandering in search of food and water. 

But, wandering across the railway lines to fulfill the needs of survival at the wrong times can take the lives of some innocent animals. Here is just a single example of a poor elephant that got hit by a train. The immense pain, or maybe some bone breakages – the tongue-tied animal cannot express its pain to humans.

Since animals cannot understand the danger of a train coming toward them, it is the dire duty of human beings to save such a treasure from being hurt. Already Sri Lankan elephants are endangered, if they continue to die or become unable to lead a stress-free life due to such physical traumas, they will soon become extinct.

So, wildlife animals, especially Sri Lankan elephants in the vicinities near such dangerous spots should be provided extra care and attention to protect them against such accidents that could take their lives.

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