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Wild elephant GPS tracker-placement mission

Wild elephant GPS tracker-placement mission

Wild elephant GPS tracker-placement mission

Wilderness in the Island of Sri Lanka is quite the place to be. Sri Lanka is the home to the largest Asian elephants in the Asian continent. Sri Lanka has achieved the most successful reservation progress shown in a period with Asian elephant population in demise.Wild elephant GPS tracker-placement mission

This video footage is a dramatic encounter with a herd of elephants that are monitored well within the region conserved for these humble giants. Our wildlife officers moved into the jungle in search for sick elephants that need help.

Officers wanted to keep track of this adventurous herd of elephants since they have been moving from area to area at a rapid phase. The officers wanted to look for the matriarch or a leading giant in command. The operation is a hazardous one as they had to isolate this elephant from the rest of the herd somehow. They used firecrackers to chase the rest away from the scene so they can attach the belt with a tracker. This method is not to harm the giant or anyone in the herd, to protect and monitor these endangered Asian elephants.

Officers were able to approach the humble giant after giving anesthetics. Giant kept calm as officers approached and successfully installed the GPS belt on the elephant. It is a comfortable wear for the elephant, and they expect the elephant to entirely be safe with the belt with no harmful effects or injuries. Take a coffee break and learn how these brave officers deal with such wild giants that would have ruled the jungle.

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