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Trans locating an aggressive elephant


The wild elephant today is going to bring you another re-location of a wild elephant to a national park. If you have watched, wild elephant videos before, you might have an idea what re-location of wild elephants means. If not, do not worry, we will introduce from scratch for you in this video.

Sri Lanka has the highest wild Asian elephant diversity in the world. As Sri Lanka is a small island, with a population of nearly 22 million, humans tend to invade the routes of elephants and vice versa. This usually causes trouble, sometimes even causing the death of elephants or humans. Therefore, if such a threat occurs, wild elephants have translocated to dedicated national parks or wildlife sanctuaries for the protection of both the elephant and humans.

This video demonstrates how a wild elephant is caught and then translocated to these national parks. The elephant is initially sedated. Otherwise, handling a wild elephant is dangerous! In this video, the wild elephant is radio-collared before translocation. Radio-collars are put on elephants in the wild to monitor their movements or their paths. By using the information received from these collards, scientists can identify the behaviours and movement patterns of the elephants. Also, they can use these collars to monitor the movement of the elephants, and they can get to know if they reach human settlements. After putting on the radio-collar, the giant was prepared for the translocation. As it is still under sedation, the movement is strenuous for the elephant to do alone. For the translocation, it is required to get the elephant loaded into a truck and getting a wild elephant into a truck is not as easy as getting a pet dog into a car. They are the massive size and wild nature both are not on the favourable side for this. Therefore, the method usually followed by the department of wildlife in Sri Lanka is to get the truck underneath the elephant, so that the elephant will automatically be loaded into the truck. These trucks are special custom build trucks made exclusively to transport elephants. The truck is made to go in a slope dug by a mechanical excavator so that the truck can get to the level of the elephant. Once the truck is in the slope created, the elephant is slowly moved into the truck. As the elephant is under sedation still, he is a little confused and somehow gets into the truck. When the elephant is safely inside the truck, the truck is moved out of the slope, and then the elephant is made ready for the translocation. As the sun can heat the elephant, water is sprayed on the elephant time to time throughout the journey to the destination. Likewise, an elephant is moved to a much safer place away from humans to live in the wild in peace

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