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Baby elephant playing in the wild


It is another ordinary evening at the bank of the historical water reservoir,which is locally knownas “kala wewa” in the Anuradhapura district of Sri Lanka built by King Datusena around 5th century AD.The reservoir is surrounded by lush forest cover,which is home to a considerable number of Sri Lankan elephants. Therefore, evenings in the banks of this reservoir has a lot going on.

The “The Wild Elephant” today brings you the experience on how elephant calves enjoy their evening with their mother and the aunts.Elephants, as mentioned in previous wild elephant videos, have a complex social structure.These complex relationships are built from life long learning and experiences.Elephant calves, as with many other herbivores newborns, can stand on their feet at the time of their birth. Even though the movements are not steady,they still manage tomove with the mother’s help.The use of the trunk is also way out of control.But as they get older,their experience, developmentand learning from their elders and peers tune their biological processes.

Playing with peersand also alone are essential componentsin their process of this life long learning.Therefore, behind these cute and adorable moves,a path to being a successful elephant in the wild is laid.These playful behaviours lay the foundation for their sexual behaviour in latter life too.

Thus, during these plays,you can see how they mount on each other. And even engage in mock fights by pushing, pulling and so on. Besides sexual behaviour,other social behaviours,such as interacting with other-herd mates, also get furnished.Isn’t it amazing to see how nature is programmed on its own to achieve the best?

Keep tuned to “The Wild Elephant” to view unedited footage of the Asian wild elephant.

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