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This elephant doesn’t want anyone’s help


This elephant doesn’t want anyone’s help

Sri Lanka is an island full of canal networks that provide water resources to the local agricultural activities. With a population close to 20 million, Sri Lanka still manages to have an exceptional amount of land area over different parts of the island for natural wildlife and preserved ecosystems.This elephant doesn’t want anyone’s help

The famous Z D canal is a hotspot for free-roaming elephants in the island of Sri Lanka. There have been numerous counts of incidents similar to this over the recent term. Some elephants walk vast distances searching for new areas and water sources.

This incident happened when a humble, gentle giant fell into the canal thinking that it could drink water from the canal easily. The canal has been improved to include stairs for animals to exit from it in some areas, but it is currently under construction in the majority of the regions it spans across.

The elephant seems to be enjoying the unknown water source it discovered after leaving the conserved forest regions allocated for them, and even with the help of humans to climb off it, the elephant seems to be unaware of the situation. People are here to help this humble giant, but they are seen having a hard time communicating with this elephant. Other elephants during earlier incidents have reportedly have reacted well to the help offered. This one will probably take some time to figure out that it has to leave out from the canal.

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