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This cute baby elephant has his first jungle experience after being saved


Baby elephant videos are the cutest stuff you can ever watch to make your day a little stress free. These young ones are often seen chasing humans and rampaging across these camps where they are held in for their own protection, but this one is very calm after being used to humans that take care of him.

Officers here are very caring and loving to these baby elephants, as they provide ample amount of food, water, and milk to keep them well fed and also monitor their health regularly to keep them healthy. Most of the time they make noises and are not calm due to the fact of being held captive, but they get used to it somehow.

These kinds of captive monitoring are for the elephants own safety and also to make sure these young ones move to a safer area if they fail to find the original elephant herd. So they often take these elephants out on walks and to rivers to get them used to the natural jungles and elephants life outside. 

Some people will criticize this move of holding such baby elephants without knowing the facts, but this is the best way to handle such situations by making sure that they are safe before any relocation program starts to help them.

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