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Scenery of a tusker making friends in a new herd. Calming footage to start your day


Yala National Park is one of the largest National parks in the island of Sri Lanka. It is also known as the most visited park that is very popular among tourists and the locals. The Yala National park consists of five different blocks. The park is very famous for its variety of wild animal density compared to other parks in the region. This preserved land is essential for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, aquatic birds, and Sri Lankan leopards.

This tusker is a new one in the field which is recently relocated through a rescue effort. Everyone needs a new friend or two, so he is at it trying to make contact with the herd which roams the park. There are few elephant packs in the region, but some are seen roaming alone, especially the big alpha tsuekers in the park.

These kinds of footages can be used to study elephants, observe their behavious to have more behavioral patterns and many other things documented. This footage has no dramatic scenes like the ones we usually post, but hopefully, this will be a refreshing and calming experience for you all.

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