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The Elephant Safe Haven: Minneria

The Elephant Safe Haven Minneria

The Elephant Safe Haven: Minneria

The island of Sri Lanka spans across the entire nation surrounded by beautiful beaches all around. With so many sites and regions conserved for wildlife and natural forests, Sri Lanka is home to so many endemic species as a small island nation compared to other larger nations around.

The Elephant Safe Haven: Minneria-Wilderness in the Island of Sri Lanka is quite the place to be. Sri Lanka is the home to the largest Asian elephants in the Asian continent. Sri Lanka has achieved the most successful reservation progress shown in a period with Asian elephant population in demise.

Gaze upon the beautiful grasslands along the borders around the conserved sites kept for these magnificent giants. We spotted this herd of elephants with a drone we rented out in hopes to show how beautiful these sceneries look like.

This footage does no justice to the beautiful sceneries you can witness on the beautiful island and with these humble giants. We hope to share more cinematic videos with you in the future. If you would like to support our channel to create more content to share awareness of these majestic creatures, please feel free to help us through GoFundMe or Patreon.

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