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Taming a beastly elephant before giving it treatments. Adventures of a wildlife officer


Many beastly giants roam around the jungles alone in the central parts of the island Sri Lanka. Most of them are very difficult to handle and to be checked on as they are only found deep within jungles away from hers that are easily trackable for routine medical check-ups.

This is one similar case where medical officers had to go through a difficult jungle and rural areas to spot the elephant for routine medical checks and vaccinations. It is also not a very easy task to reach them once they locate the elephant. These giant Asian elephants are very strong and are often overly aggressive to eliminate any human threat it sees.

To calm this elephant down, officers shot the elephant with a tranquilizer gun in order to sedate. It took some time for the drugs to come into effect and it started to slow down and stand still. This is the window of opportunity these officers have to complete their medical procedures and move away from the elephant as fast they can.

They started treating the elephant even with caution, as they know how dangerous the situation could turn out to be if the elephant manages to gain consciousness. Ultimately, they were successful, and the mission was a very successful one. These officers had plenty of calm time to treat this elephant right. Even as some officers from a developing country, these officers make use of all the facilities available to them. Often these are funded through kind donors who help the sector keep running to keep these elephants safe.

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