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Elephant with a broken leg struggles to stand up and move until Kind humans help


This is one part of a massive rescue and medical operation that will be carried out to save this elephant from a faith that lies ahead to lose its life.

WIldlife officers moved to the scene to help the elephant move out of the muddy pit first. This elephant with the broken leg managed to move to this muddy pit as it creates a comfort zone for elephants when they are in pain and with the damage they can’t ignore.

But keeping this elephant in this muddy pit will be a difficult task for the officers as they need to assess this elephant’s conditions and threat it carefully. More villagers offered them help as they are always seeking to be generous and to help the country keep these valued elephant treasure safe especially.

They managed to drag this elephant to a corner somehow as it was a challenging task. Now they can treat this elephant to a better level with ease compared to the place this elephant was at before. These officers will attempt to save this elephant as it is a very critical case of not having much support in rural regions. A leg for an elephant is a very vital part for them to continue their life, without a single leg, they will not have enough balance to stand up and continue their normal life.

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