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Taking Selfies with Elephants is never a good idea. Lucky Tourists. Do not try this ever!


Taking Selfies with Elephants is never a good idea. Lucky Tourists!

It is undeniably a great and a brave kind of a thing to get close to a wild elephant to get a selfie, but it is also known as one the great causes of human casualties related to elephants in the island. Isn’t it especially to post that photo on social media to show your friends and loved ones about the bold attempt? But, is it worth risking your life for?

It is strictly advised not to get close to any wild elephant you encounter anywhere you go. Many of the elephants who are trained to be with human companions have also attacked their companions in many recent cases where many fatalities were recorded.

Recently a video went viral about a drunken man approaching a wild elephant like this with many of his relatives and friends watching him go. Suddenly it was a sight no one wanted to see, the elephant attacked the man and stomped on him. The person did not survive the attack as it was a huge elephant that could have used force that no human body can withstand. The event happened in a matter of seconds, and the man had no time to react and turn to run back, as that furious moment creates fear in mind, so you forget to respond accordingly.

It is strongly advised not to feed or approach such grown elephants or even young adults that might look adorable to you. Any attack by these elephants can cause serious hard or even cost anyone his/her life. Watch and enjoy these beautiful beings from a safe distance and please never get close to them like this. These tourists were fortunate ones to not get charged by this elephant. Hope they will get proper guidance next time by the tour guides or the locals to keep their lives away from any risk.

We humbly invite you to join us with a journey full of love and help to our treasured wild elephants in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

Watch the full video here

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